Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Not Creative

I make this claim ALL THE TIME to my friends. I tell them I'm not crafty, I can't even tie a bow nicely. But then - I go and make something like this:

Huck_1stBdayMy friends Rachael and Eric had this little guy, Huckston Eric McGee, almost a year ago! They were the first of our "group" to get married, and I was fortunate enough to be a bridesmaid for the event. Seriously, it was an ultra-fun wedding. *Magically* 9 months later, Huck appeared.

Huck is a CUTIE! And Nick and I really love him. I designed the invitation to the left, and I was so so happy to do it for them. He is slightly spoiled, but being the first grandchild and the son of an only daughter - it was bound to happen.

I design stuff often. I use Adobe InDesign & Photoshop to do so, but to anyone that thinks it's easy --- IT IS NOT! These programs are challenging, and confusing and usually don't work how you think they should. I've never been formally trained, pretty much everything I know is the result of self-teaching, podcasts and sucking up to the designers in the Dept. of Communications Huck McGee, 6 month photos 2012and Agricultural Education at K-State.

So, with that I'd like to thank Rachael & Eric for letting me "practice" my skills with their child. I took his 6 month photos back in September.

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