Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Working World

That's right everyone, I've entered the working world FOR REALSIES.

Last Tuesday, I took a job with Focus Marketing Group, Inc. This is REALLY REALLY exciting, because I have been hitting the job market pretty hard since August! It took me a bit to find the right fit ... but I think Focus will be just that.

My official title is:

Robin K. Kleine
Focus Marketing Group, Inc.
Eastern Rep
Print & Web Design
Social Media Manager

So what that means is  I get to travel around the Midwest picturing and videoing cattle, designing print and web stuff, as well as managing all of their social media outlets. I recommend checking out our Facebook (We've got a neat little contest happening right now!), Twitter & our blog!


I also will be traveling to the Oklahoma Youth Expo in Oklahoma City, OK at the end of the month! I have never been to this show (the world's largest youth show), plus I'll get to see my brother and a ton of old (& new) friends. Woot!

So for those of you that have real jobs, how do you best recommend staying on task? I'm working from home and sometimes I just want to play with Cougar or clean or watch Food Network. I'm open to any and all advice.





  1. 1. talk to Kiki
    2. get dressed every morning
    3. lists/schedules/time goals

  2. Thanks Beth. #1 & #3 are givens for my lifestyle ... working in my bathrobe like I did this morning was probably not smart.