Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I like old stuff. Things that look "old," things that really are old and things I can one day pass onto my children.

IMG_7954I also like to cook, and have done considerable amounts of cooking since graduating in December. Thus, why I started a handwritten recipe book. This recipe has driven Nick crazy since I started it, mostly because I've been writing down recipes from Pinterest (But only the tried and true ones, because we've all had the Pinterest "fail"). AND I usually copy them down during our nightly TV time. But my thought is - who knows how long this social medium, Pinterest, will last? For all we know, it could be the next MySpace.

IMG_7957So in this book there are recipes for steak marinades, buffalo chicken tacos, whiskey caramels and A LOT more. Some, also as cool as chocolate cream pie.

Here's one of my favorites: Loaded Baked Potato Soup we've made it 3 times in 2 months!

IMG_7960But, recently while helping my mother clean out her house and prepare to move in next door to me, I stumbled across the recipe cards I hand wrote in 2006 for my Consumer Meats 4-H project. TWENTY recipes each for beef, pork and lamb! I can't wait to try them. Apparently I've always loved old stuff?

So - what do you collect? AND what's your favorite Pinterest recipe? Make sure you follow my boards - I've got some really neat stuff!


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