Monday, April 1, 2013

My (other) Boyfriend Huck

I like to take pictures, you know this. I like to take pictures of Huck, you could probably all guess this. Huck McGee might be my favorite human subject, (also probably because Nick doesn't like his picture taken...)

You may remember my photo session with him a few weeks ago with the baby chicks.


Well, this past weekend we added to the cuteness and snapped a few outside at Rachael's parents' house in Lowell, Ind. Nick and I then stayed for a delicious Good Friday meal of shrimp and crab legs. I have known Rachael and her family for over a decade, and they're always so hospitable and funny!

What we learned on Friday -IMG_8367

  1. Babies aren't much into props. They might drop a wooden frame on their face and cry.

  2. Nick doesn't like seafood. (He tried crab and was not impressed...)

  3. Be prepared for awesome faces while you're snapping away.

  4. Eric can train our dog better than we can.

  5. Cougar looks stunning in a bandana.

But really, this was a fun and relaxed photo session. When snapping pics of the youngin' I always just take it easy and not force anything. Like on Friday, when Huck didn't want to stay in the boat by the pond, we moved locations because we were getting pictures like this...


I try to keep things natural. I want the subject to look normal and happy, how everyone should want to remember their child. NO MALL PICS! You all know what I'm talking about...

But lucky for us, we got some cute shots of the infamous Huckston Eric McGee.

[caption id="attachment_202" align="aligncenter" width="484"]Hcuk_1yr_sequence Can this dude rock corduroy or what?![/caption]

Let me know what you all think! Did we capture Huck looking natural?


P.S. - Doesn't Cougar look darling in her new bandana from Rachael & Eric?


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