Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Need to "Unplug"

I am about to make myself sound old (I prefer old fashioned).

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I love letters, we've talked about this. But sometimes, I wish everyone else appreciated them as much as I do. I understand it's a time constraint thing. It's a "I have messy handwriting" thing, or "I don't even own notecards" thing. But seriously people, this act gets noticed. But, let me assure you - that's not why I do it.

A friend of mine, who appreciates my letters and thank yous, passed on this article from the Today Show. The article, called "Teens ditch texting for 'old school' ways of communicating" seriously made me smile.

A 14-year-old girl, Maggie Tugend, said this -
"You really have to spend 20 minutes, at least, concentrating. It’s pretty impossible to talk to someone else when you’re working on a real letter. “

You know what? She is so right.

Tugend & her friend Cydnee Ellis decided to stay in touch with letters - snail mail, people - instead of the usual Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, texting. You know what I say - You Go Girls!!

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I wish I were better at being "unplugged." Sometimes I don't have my phone for 20 minutes and I feel lost. Other times, I go all day without even thinking about it. My life is funny that way. Part of it is my job, yes. I am a social media manager for heaven's sake. Even people's obsessive need to be on their phone gets to me occasionally. (I can think of one specific internship instance.)

But, I figure if these 14-year-olds can stay friends that way - why can't my friends and I?

So, maybe I should make a vow to "unplug" for so many hours a day? Or try to send more letters? I'm definitely open for suggestions.



  1. Have you checked out their stuff? I thought you would enjoy some of it immensely.

  2. I want one of everything they have!

  3. Let me know if you would like to exchange letters.