Wednesday, July 24, 2013

9 Steps to Being Attractive

I stumbled across this image on Pinterest and I had to share. It rings true on so many levels for me.
Image courtesy of holyprepster on Tumblr.
My parents always taught me to be nice. I suppose that I would even call myself "nice" if I had to pick an adjective to describe myself (among other words - like outgoing, fun, genuine). Attractive isn't exactly the first word that comes to mind, but I certainly am not walking around with a bag over my head. In addition to being "nice" I would call myself a people person. I love people ... I love learning about them, hearing their stories and getting to know them. I try to be kind, open and forthcoming.
I too, like holyprepster first try to smile when first meeting someone. Or even someone on the street with whom I make eye contact. I've even starting waving at everyone I pass while driving (for those of you familiar with Rensselaer, Ind., this is easy as it's not very many people)!
Smelling nice seems like a given ... nothing worse than too strong of perfume or cologne or WORSE ... B.O.
I want people's respect more than anything, so I don't enjoy being too flashy with my dress. You'll rarely find me in something that's not loose fitting and/or starched (the gym shorts I wear at home don't count). The days of wearing tiny tiny shorts and ripped up jeans are over and I wish the rest of my generation would take note.
#4 is something I need to be more conscious of ... because of my job, most of my information comes from Twitter and Facebook. But, I follow USAToday, and I must say - that's helped me a lot. I do usually have an opinion, but I'm not one to be ignorant with them and post them all across social media (another topic for another day).
I try my best to see the good in people ... positivity is my number one strength as you may recall. So I try not to "hate on" people, and certainly not publicly ... but it happens to the best of us. This is something else I need work on.
3 hobbies don't include a screen - reading, shopping, looking at cattle. BOOM.
Educated. KSU. Common fact. Plus, I love learning and am currently watching online tutorials to help me get better at my job.
Being a good friend is something I try REALLY HARD at. I send cards, little gifts and thoughtful texts/calls. I don't do this for the recognition, but instead to make my friends realize I am here for them ... even if we live 500+ miles apart. I like to make people feel special, including my 92 year old grandpa and my Great Aunt Mary who lives in Florida (we're pen pals).
Thank you is so important, and a simple thank you can make or break my day. I try to say thank you to anyone that helps me, and hopefully return the favor one day.
Here's how I'm living by the 9 Steps to Being Attractive. If you make any sort of effort on this list, I'm certain we can be friends too. So tell me, how are you doing?

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