Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Favorite Subject

I am a livestock photographer by trade. I grew up showing cattle. Typically I feel more at home in the barn or at a stockshow than I do at home. Since my time as a junior exhibitor has come to a close, I've enjoyed photographing in the ring rather than showing.

I've been analyzing my photographs lately. Figuring out what to do better - changing my camera settings, getting a better angle, etc.

Seems like I have a common subject among some of my best photographs - my brother, Joe.

Last summer, I had just learned to shoot my camera in manual mode and was trying it out at Shorthorn Jr. Nationals in Grand Island, NE.

Here's a few highlights -

 Joe and his beloved heifer Peach in showmanship.
In class with Peach.

Notice how the second one is really yellow. Ick.

This year, I returned to Grand Island for Maine & Chi Jr. Nationals. I think my pictures improved -

 Junior showmanship in the Chi ring.

A fresh angle, like I mentioned.

Back to my favorite subject -

 Mama & baby at Shorthorn Jr. Nationals 2013 in Des Moines, IA.

Sometimes he looks angry - just like his cow Pokey. Like this picture from the Indiana Shorthorn Preview Show in June 2013.

I love learning and I most certainly like to improve. I hope others see my pictures getting better, and appreciate the quality without a lot of fake looking photoshopping (popular among many aspiring photographers).

Until next time,

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