Friday, July 5, 2013

Red Dirt Friday, Vol. 10

Wow. Just holy moly. Sometimes a song hits you hard.
I was doing my normal Facebook creeping, when I came across a wedding video. The background music was clearly Randy Rogers, but I couldn't identify the song. After a quick Google search, I was all over this song on iTunes like white on rice.
You all know how much I love them. Remember this post about "Steal You Away"?
Besides my love for all things red dirt country, the song that captured my attention is called "I'll Be Here For You." Somehow Randy and the band just turned it into something magical. Something that hit me hard, and really made me want to call my boyfriend? I am sappy, and I'm not ashamed.
Here's the words to the second verse:
"When your star falls from the sky
And your wings don't want to fly
Just remember I'm standing by
To help to see you through
'Cause better days
will come again
Clouds will break,
your heart will mend
I'll be where I've always been
I'll be here for you"

Turns out it's a cover of a Robert Earl Keen song. Robert Earl Keen is kind of the pioneer of modern "red dirt country." Hear his version of "I'll Be Here For You" on YouTube.
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Now let the words drift over you, and enjoy the weekend!
P.S. - If you're smart you'll download this song and play it on repeat until your boyfriend comes home. (Maybe that's what I'm doing.)

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