Monday, July 22, 2013

Revisiting My Bucket List

Back to blogging! Sorry for the brief vacation everyone - life has suddenly gotten busy!!

Today I want to visit about my bucket list. I've been doing my best to continue to update you on my progress.

24 Things I Want to do Before I turn 24

Domestic Things
1. Start a garden
2. Go 1 month without shopping (food and healthcare items excluded)
3. Craft with my old 4-H ribbons
4. Make chocolate oatmeal cake - Read more here.
5. Put all of my CDs onto my iTunes account

Turns out I can't really grow herbs. My parsley, cilantro and basil aren't faring too well under my care.
But luckily, my sunflowers are thriving!
Career Things
6. Fix my rkkcommunications website
7. Book 5 human photo sessions (not family)
8. Judge a show
9. Enter a photo contest

Good Citizen Things
10.Help out a 4-H or FFA judging team
11. Get a library card

Family Things
12. Take Cougar to a dog park
13. Ride in the tractor with my Dad, just like 6 year old Robin did
14. Teach Cougar how to play dead
15. Introduce my family to Nick’s

Traveling Things
16. See Stoney LaRue (carryover from my college list)
17. Go fishing
18. Visit Joe in Stillwater, Okla.
19. Return to Manhattan, Kan.
20. Go to a baseball game

Personal Things
21. Read 3 non-fiction books (1/3) - Click here to see which one.
22. Lose 20 lbs.
23. Buy a new laptop - also DONE! Click here to see the big purchase.
24. Watch The Hatfields & McCoys

That makes a grand tally of 1/4 of my list either started or completed!! I am looking for suggestions of other non-fiction books to read so I can cross that one off completely.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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