Wednesday, July 10, 2013

To the Zoo!

This past Sunday, we traveled to Indianapolis to see our good friends Rachael, Eric and their son Huck, who is a popular feature on this blog. (You may remember his 1st birthday party invitations, or a few of his photo sessions.)

We first ate lunch at Harry & Izzy's, a really nice steakhouse in downtown Indy. We all had super yummy prime rib sandwiches (Huck had pizza).

From there we went to the Indianapolis Zoo, and met up with my college roommate Rachel, who was in town for some meetings. (I was lucky enough to spend the last two weekends with her ... which hasn't happened since 2011!)

We captured the moments the best way our iPhones could. Here's a few of my favorites from the day.

Some highlights of the zoo include Huck falling and getting a black eye, eating Dippin' Dots, the ocean exhibit and petting sharks!

Unfortunately, the polar bears (my favorite zoo animal), didn't want to come out and play. But then again, 85 degrees was probably too hot for them?!

What's your favorite exhibit at the zoo?


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