Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cell Phones & Manners

For one of my jobs, I moderate a discussion board for Beck Ag called "Email, Texting & Tweeting ... Oh My!" on their social media platform, Beck Ag Connects.

According to their Beck Ag Connects, "This is a members-only, online community where Ag Professionals can connect with others in Agriculture like producers, veterinarians, consultants and retailers to share experiences, ideas and solutions to improve business results. If you're in Agriculture, come join the conversation!" It's actually a really neat tool, and a great way to learn from other ag professionals. To join, click here.

So I research technology things that professionals in the ag industry can find useful in their everyday lives. This includes services, software and apps - we even have a new app Friday.

Recently, I wrote a post about the need to "unplug." 

I told my readers that it's okay to leave their phones off every once in a while.

I told my readers there are 13 places you should never take your phone, according to this post. The 13 places include the bedroom, the gym, the dinner table, weddings and funerals, ceremonies, the bathroom, the car, concerts & shows, the boardroom, on vacation, with your kids, at a party or in a movie theater. * To clarify, most of these are places you should minimize use of your phone. Clearly, if there's an emergency, you'll need your phone in the car ... but that doesn't mean it's okay to Instagram at stop lights.  cough guilty cough (sorry Dad) *

Then it hit me ... I am addicted to my phone. In some cases, it is my only lifeline to the outside world, so I think it's justified ...

But then, I stopped mid-conversation with Homeboy at the supper table to answer a text. THAT IS NOT OKAY.

The people I choose to spend time with, deserve my full & undivided attention. The people who call me, typically can handle waiting a half hour for me to finish my meal before I call them back. Text messages don't need to be answered right away, my friends will understand. Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook can wait until the dishes are done.

I am having an epiphany right now. When did our cell phones become more important than actual conversation with the ones we love?

I don't mean to sound old fashioned, but I don't want these tangible things in my life to matter less than what's on social media. I am a slave to my phone and that is not okay.

That's it, no phones at the supper table. No Facebooking in bed. No more posting pictures of Cougar every hour of everyday on Instagram. (Okay, maybe a few a day will suffice.)


P.S. - Is this out of line? How do other Generation Y-ers feel about this? 


  1. Love your new blog design!! and your blog! and you! I also need to unplug more!

  2. Thanks Laurel! I'm still learning the ins and outs of Blogger, but I think the switch was a good one. Hope to see you soon!