Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Yes, I'm Thankful

I've seen your posts. I've read your blogs.

A pile of my friends, and my friends' friends, have been dogging on those of us who are posting our "30 Days of Thankfulness" during the month of November.

Let's get one thing straight - I love to say thank you. 

I want people to know that what they did for me was appreciated.
I want to make people feel special.
I have a great life, and there are things that happen everyday to remind me of that.

Found this on Pinterest today. What a great reminder!
So yes, you might think it's stupid. Yes, you might think that I'm just cashing in on a silly social media trend. But - I like to celebrate the little things in life. Sue me.

I love the holidays,
I love my job,
I love my boyfriend,
I love my dog,
I love good food,
I love my friends,
I love my family.

And you're darn straight I love this blog, among other gems in my life. 

I will never get tired of telling you that, so please don't view my "30 Days of Thankfulness" as a ploy for attention.

What are you thankful for today? Please feel free to share them below.

Until next time,


  1. I am thankful for my college friends with blogs because I have 8 minutes until my lunch break and I don't want to start a new project yet.