Friday, December 13, 2013

Instant Gratification

Okay, everyone ... I know I've been struggling in the blogging department. But today's post covers two important topics in my life right now and they both revolve around my need for instant gratification.

Hattan Home includes darling notes in all of your packages :)
1. Online Shopping. I have a serious problem. I want everything I see! And when I see something I want (most likely a gift for someone, as Christmas is 13 days away) ... I have to buy it.

I need to get better at online shopping. Don't get me wrong, I've found some pretty great deals. But, I should research more ... the Internet is a wide, vast, amazing place and I'll just bet that sometimes I could buy things cheaper if I just did some searching. What are you secrets for finding the best prices? Please share your knowledge!

In my defense, I pride myself on being a great gift giver ... and I won't divulge anyone's gifts here because I don't want to ruin the surprise. So maybe what I lack in savings, I make up for in awesomeness?

I don't know, but these are some of my favorite places to shop online right now.

2.  Snacks. Working at home, three steps from your kitchen is a dangerous thing.
Oh, you're thirsty? Go get some water. Oh, coffee! CAFFEINE, yes! Have some yogurt. Want something sweet? Pepsi, chocolate, apple, juice.
It's weird that you only eat the seeds of a pomegranate.
You get the point, anytime I get the inkling to eat or drink, I can just easily get it. I keep a pretty stocked kitchen (thanks for the tip, Mom), so I have a hard time telling myself no.

Luckily, lately I've found a pretty yummy and healthy substitute for my hefty chocolate craving - dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds.

I found these in the snack aisle at Target (another dangerous store) and will be going back for more! The dark chocolate is full of antioxidants, and according to Wikipedia, pomegranates have Vitamin C, Vitamin K and a good amount of dietary fiber. Woo hoo! Healthy choice for Robin!

But, I still need to work on my control. Tell me friends, how do you control your snacking urges, even if you don't work at home like I do.

I hope you're all gearing up for the holidays. Also - stay warm this weekend! We're expecting 5+" of snow here ... ick!



  1. OOH Miss Robin! Thanks for shipping Hattan! AH! Love this little post! Yum Dark Chocolate Pomegranate seeds!

  2. Thanks Lindsay! I love your stuff and thanks for visiting the Bring it on Home Blog.

    Have a great holiday!