Tuesday, March 11, 2014


We bought a house.

It's a precious old farm house, built in 1910 or 1912 (depends on which piece of paper you look at). It's so cute.

We signed the papers last Wednesday. It was a scary, awesome, exciting feeling. We own a house!

It looks like this. [Please excuse my iPhone photos below. I plan to break out the real camera soon.]

Notice the seafoam green ceiling on the front porch? Seafoam green will be haunting my dreams.

We have already started remodeling. As I stated above, there's seafoam green on the porch ... and in the living room, the dining, room, the upstairs hallway, the office and the basement. Little by little, seafoam green will be disappearing.

Here's a fine specimen. Also, anyone need an organ?
There's also different colors of (ugly) carpeting in each room. It will be going away to dumpster heaven this weekend.

Electric blue carpet and periwinkle walls. My neutral palette is going to be a shock!
We have lots of painting and planning and packing and unpacking and junk throwing away to do. [Probably not in that order.] But it's exciting ... and it OURS! We hope to be moved in May.

Stay tuned for more photos and updates. Also, you can always follow me on Instagram here, or the #FlemingFarm hashtag to see progress.

Until next time,


  1. Congrats! Buying a home must be very exciting, even one that is splattered with seafoam green ;-) just kidding!

    1. Thanks Colby,
      It is certainly exciting ... and scary ... and expensive! But, the seafoam green is slowly but surely disappearing.