Wednesday, May 28, 2014

... And We're In!

We've officially spent more than a week in our new home. I can sum up the moving process in two little words --

It. Sucks.

How do two people and a dog accumulate so much stuff? That's what I want to know.

Most of it has made it into our humble abode ... but a few key items have not.

The walls are actually a shade of "Robin's Egg" Blue.
LIKE OUR BED. Apparently full size beds do not fit up our stairs?? So we have a box spring in our kitchen. Not cool. This little problem will need to be solved via a tractor and loader. We are also hillbillies.

AND OUR WASHER / DRYER. The move kept getting moved back because of the plumber. As of this week it's officially done and now we just need to get those bad boys over here.

There's still boxes everywhere!

The only room that is mostly together is my office (a necessity for working at home).

We also got a gas stove and it's wonderful ... but I am having a hard time adjusting. We've had a few burnt meals. Whoops!

That's what's happening in my life. I apologize for the crappy iPhone photos. I promise there will be more to come with that high dollar machine I usually wield, a Canon.

Despite all the complaining above, I really do like the new place! We certainly have more room and it's exciting [and scary] to be in control of all the decisions regarding our house.

I like the place, even if the dining room looks something like this ...

Tell me moving experts, what advice do you have for getting everything in place in a timely manner?

Until next time,

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