Friday, May 16, 2014

My life in Images

Like many people my age, I am documenting my life in pictures (and occasionally the written word on this blog).

Here's a little bit about what's happening -

1. I have a bottle calf - Orphan Annie. Annie's mom died a week ago, and now I'm her "mom." I feed her twice a day and give her hugs and pets on the head. I love her.

2. We are moving this weekend / early next week! So much crap to do yet.

Floors are done! Now to put stuff on them ...

3.Cougar is still perfect. She likes to "help" by eating sticks, running around in circles and then sitting on your feet. I love her too.

I want to write more in-depth posts about each of these pictures, so stay tuned. But boxes don't pack themselves, videos don't edit themselves and websites don't update themselves. DANGGG.

Any moving advice?

Until next time,

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