Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I am a do-er. I go to bed thinking of all that needs to be done tomorrow, and I wake up thinking of how I'm going to get it all done. [As a side note, I really dislike procrastination ... ]

In a small way, I'm a little bit of a daydreamer. I daydream about being productive and crossing things off my to do list. You may remember a previous post about being a morning person here - Recipe for Early Morning Productivity.

But then, I have this sort of inner struggle --- where's the divide between productivity and personal time?

As part of my job, I manage the Pinterest account for Focus Marketing Group, and one of my favorite boards is this one - Quotes to Make You Feel Good.

(As like any girl) I really enjoy collecting quotes. Sometimes you just find one that speaks to you and your mood.

But I find myself divided and looking for balance --

Do I want to be the driven, hard working individual?

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 Or do I want to the person who savors downtime and embraces it?

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I'm not saying there's a right or a wrong way to live. And I'm certainly not saying I've got it figured out. I'm just wondering if other people feel the same way? Does finding this balance ever get easier?

I'm filled with questions today, but such is life. I'm excited to see where life leads me, and maybe finding a balance between ultra-focused and ultra-relaxed will come easier.

Please leave your comments below. I look forward to hearing from you.


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