Friday, June 6, 2014

Red Dirt Friday, Vol. 15

Back when CDs were cool, I was the queen of the mix CD. I spent hours every summer creating new mixes to play in the barn while my brother and I were working cattle. I had creative names, like "WC YA HEARD!" --- because we were headed to the Will County Fair. [I cringe at the lack of creativity now.]

The Kleines were famous for loud, potentially offensive music at these shows. On more than one occasion we were asked to turn down the music and change the song. Growing up in NW Indiana, we thought we were pretty gangster. Actually, Joe still does...

My obsession with iTunes had just started, but ripping off music from the library was my preferred method of getting my favorite "old" songs. I would hear a song like "The Sign," by Ace of Base. I would make a list and head to the CD collection at the library taking approximately 10 CDs home, just to add them to our growing music collection. These days, my computer doesn't even have a disk drive.

But, to celebrate summer, sweet sweet summer ... I thought I'd throw it back a little. I've created a list of 5 songs that I would definitely put on my summer barn mix (if I could.)

1. Novocaine by Sean McConnell. Catchy lyrics, and a nerdy looking dude with glasses and a smokin' voice ... I'm in.

2. Your Last Broken Heart - Eli Young Band. Their newest album, 10,000 Towns is really good. Die hard fans and those that just liked "Even if it Breaks Your Heart" will agree.

3. Change Is - Ryan Bingham. Sexy, gravelly awesomeness. [Excuse the f-bomb drop in the song. The words alone are worth it.]

4. Sealed with a Kiss - Kimberly Dunn. Homegirl can sing! I love hearing a female voice on Red Dirt radio.

5. Set Me Free - Reckless Kelly. Ahh, the voice of a Braun brother. There's nothing better. Also, apparently, this video is for an outdoors company, so enjoy the view!

This is a solid mix of old and new. In a past life, I must have been a DJ.

Also - if you know what's good for you ... download the Homemade Tamales - Live from Floores album from Randy Rogers Band. Live albums are my FAVORITE.

But, I want to know ... what songs are on your summer playlist? 

I'm always looking to add new music to my collection -- you never know when I might want to make a mix CD again :)


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