Friday, August 1, 2014

Red Dirt Friday, Vol. 16

This blog post is a long time coming ....

In fact, it's about three weeks in the making.

image courtesy of the Windy City Smokeout Facebook page
Today, I'm FINALLY talking about the Windy City Smokeout - a concert and BBQ fest in "the city" ... aka Chicago. My friend Rachael and I bought these tickets back in MARCH, and I could hardly contain my excitement. Rachael and I have been friends for 12+ years, at least. Probably because we both love [good] music and [good] food.

You may remember her family (husband Eric and son Huck) ... they're frequent highlights on this blog.

Boyfriend and I went up to the city to meet our friends, with our dog in tow. Cougar got to hang out with her Uncle Mark (Boyfriend's brother), while we attended the concert and ate our weight in BBQ.

I think next year, (assuming the music acts are as soon), I'd like to make a whole weekend out of it!

We decided to get VIP tickets, for only $100/each, we got primo seating unlimited BBQ samples, private bathrooms and a super speedy (also) private bar.

The Redd's Apple Ale was delicious, as always...

Besides the food and company, the music was divine and the company didn't suck.

Serious pictures were not going to happen. But I like him anyway.
You all know how I feel about red dirt music (obviously), and Saturday one of my absolute favorites was playing - RANDY ROGERS BAND! [You may remember this post about RRB.] Josh Abbott Band & Kevin Fowler also played and I sang along to every single song.

We were pretty close to my boy Randy :)
I mentioned before that we really like food. And because we didn't get enough BBQ (jokes), we decided to leave a little early to make it to XOCO, Rick Bayless' fast Mexican restaurant, in order to get churros. I snapped this picture of Kevin Fowler as we were leaving.